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Moving on your own can feel like a stressful task but it is also incredibly empowering. Inspiring people with simple moving tips can help to give them a direction and make their move as simple and straightforward as possible. 



Simplify moving and make it fun. 



Have a game plan.


Inspire people to move on their own rather than renting a moving service. Offer them simple and fun tips to help the move seem less daunting. Pairing these tips with different games will help make them more memorable.

Out Of Home


These more traditional out of home executions tie in relatable games that are able to correspond with the different moving tips.

U-Haul moving trucks

U-Haul is historically known for their art and facts that are on the sides of the trucks. We played off that classic idea and displayed our campaign strategy on the side of the trucks instead.

Retail Activation

Playing off of the game of Jenga people can slide boxes out of the stack and have to try to not knock the stack of boxes over. 

Social Media

Social media accounts across different platforms to help share moving tips. 

Instagram account
Social Media
YouTube Channel
Interactive phone games

The game would be an interactive advertisement that people could play on their phone when ads pop up between videos and other games. 

U-Haul Tetris

U-Haul Tetris

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